Anti Metal Label

UHF Hard Tag, HF Anti-metal Label 1. UHF Hard Tag
The anti-metal tag product of Poon Systems has been tested in several applications including retail logistics. Installation on metal surfaces e.g.Containers is done either with strong industrial adhesives or else with mechanical fasteners. The tags are equally designed for warehousing and asset tracking applications.

Key application

Assets Management
Car Tracking
Supply Chain Management
Container tracking
Waterproof, Dustproof: IP68
Material: ABS
Operating frequency: 860-960MHz

uhf anti metal tag
OPH01 (UHF anti metal tag)

Memory capacity: 512 bits
Size: 135mm*22mm*12 mm (thickness), Hole dimeter:4mm, Distance between two holes:120mm
Chip: Alien Higgs-3 (including Alien Higgs-4/Monza 4D/Monza 4E/Monza 4QT)
Available reading distance:0-10 meter
Available operation life:10years
Working temperature range:-35C to 120C
Mounting: Fixed with screw or label adhesive

Printing options:
Silkscreen print LOGO,
Laser printing number,

2. HF Anti-metal Tag  
The anti metal tag product of Poon Systems product has extensively been used for gas bottle tagging or direct apply on metal surfaces. It's semi-rigid multilayer construction allows for affixing this tag to uneven, spherical shapes with dimensions of 46*30*3mm, hence compromising somewhat on read distance. Products can be personalised with printing and numbering.

Size: 46*30*3mm, D50mm*3mm, or custom
Availabel ICs: Mifare , ICODE SLI etc.
Protocol: ISO14443A, ISO15693
Frequency: 13.56Mhz
Working Temp: -25C to + 70C
Mounting: Glue

Printing options:
Offset print colour,
Laser printing number, inkjet print number

metal tag

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